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Cargo Ship For Business Protect your cash flow from hidden economic shocks up to 3 years forward family on vacation For Individuals Purchase a new home, pay for your dream holiday or even send money to friends and family with no hidden charges

XAZUR Foreign Exchange & Treasury Services

Azurian Capital can provide foreign exchange and treasury services using its XAZUR platform for businesses and individuals conducting international currency transactions. Our services can be used to provide payment services, ensuring cash flows are adequately hedged from international impacts. Our foreign exchange services can also be used by individuals who are looking to purchase properties abroad to receive rental incomes from foreign holiday homes or even pay for school fees for other family members. Azurian Capital has launched its own FX payments gateway XAZUR which allows business and individuals the freedom to transact their foreign currency purposes when they choose to do so. It gives our clients complete transparency and flexibility which is missing in today's modern banking environment.



You decide when and how you will make your FX payment. Our rates are transparent, just pay for the price you see. There are no hidden costs.

100 Currency Pairs

With access to over 100 currency pairs, you are certain to find the right rate for your holiday or business transaction.

Forward Pricing

To ensure greater certainty in your cash flows we offer forward pricing from 2 days out to 3 years. That way you always have certainty about your cash flow.


We are regulated by the FCA and rely on institutional partners who have the appropriate regulatory oversight internationally to ensure your payment gets to the right place on time.


Our pricing is fully automated. We rely on you to decide when you want to make a payment that way you are in control. Don't worry we will make sure it gets there.


Our currency rates are better than bank pricing on purpose. We want you to get the best possible price for your payments without paying any hidden fees.

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Foreign Exchange for Business

Being able to provide international payments is a necessity in today's global market place

Importing or Exporting?

Being aware of import and export costs is of paramount importance and it helps keep your bottom line competitive with your custromers.  As FX rates fluctuate daily locking in a forward price up to a year in advance give the business certainty as to what its cash flows would be.

Azurian Capital, has launched its XAZUR platform to allow businesses have the transparcency and flebility to manage their FX exposure.

Payment of Services

Our XAZUR platform allows businesses to manage their international payments by allowing bulk upload transactions, which can be use to pay multiple international beneficiaries.  The advantages are clear:

  • Reduction in errors
  • Greater transparency
  • Control of the payment

Our system works with international payment systems and can offer SEPA and SWIFT transactions.  For further information get in touch today.


XAZUR payment system can allow businesses to pay their international payroll.  Our system can interface with leading payrol systems and accounting packages and can manage the FX transactions of those systems.

Get in touch today to learn more.

Foreign Exchange for Individuals

Sending money abroad needn't be a headache

Buying a Home

Our XAZUR platform can help individuals to pay for their dream holiday home.  With our bank beating rates, home buyers can make substantial savings on a property purchase and many other purchases.

Just book the rate and hit go.  There are no other hidden commisiosns, you just pay the rate you use.

School fees

We live in an international world.  Our children may study abroad at university and require additional funds occasionally.  Our Xazur FX payments platform will allow you to make instant payments in foreign currencies directly into your childs bank account.

Receiving rental income

Do you own a holiday home?  Receiving currency from rental income can be awkward to deal with.  Using traditional methods via a high street bank can be costly and can have a serious effect in your monthly yield.  Using the XAZUR payments platform will allow you to recieve foreign currency and convert it into your chosen currency.

Foreign Asset Purchase

Although the price of a foreign car or yacht may seem far more attractive than the UK equivalent, you could end up losing out by paying for it through a high street bank.

Importing luxury goods and high value assets can be made all the more affordable with our highly competitive exchange rates. After all, a 1% rate improvement on £100,000 means another £1,000 for you. Our Guaranteed Exchange Rate gives you confidence in securing the very best deal.

The RationalFX international money transfer service is fast and easy to use over the phone or online. Simply register to make payments in hundreds of currencies to a specified bank account by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

XAZUR Process

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Sign up to our online registration form. Provide your email address and nationality, some photo ID and let us know what type of account you need.

We will contact you

Your account manager will give you a call and discuss your needs. We will need to fill in an application form

Get Approved

As soon as you are approved, you can send money to anywhere in the world. There will be no upfront fees. Tell us how quickly the money should arrive.

Where is it Going

Enter the beneficiary details. Tell us where the funds have to go. We are can work out where the bank accounts are and their Iban details.

Book your price

Book the price you want to send the money at and tell us when? Do you want it sent immediately or do you need it sent on a particular day?


You are done. The payment will be sent and you can monitor its progress. Its really that simple. If you have any questions you can always drop us a line.

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