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Property Finance

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Property Finance Solutions

Our specialist property teams are able to help our clients navigate their way through the most complex of funding needs.  Property finance is a specialist area of investment banking and as such our team of highly motivated and trained professionals can help allign your borrowing needs with our panel of lenders, including hedge funds, merchant banks and private investors.

With specialist knowledge, we can ensure your residential development receives the appropriate level of development finance including 100% build costs, or your need for short term bridging finance to ensure that a lucrative opportunity is not misses.  Perhaps you have a shortfall in your existing lending line and need additional funds we can help provide an appropriate mezzanine finance team to step in.

The mezzanine finance market offers invaluable financing for projects that require an additional bridge between equity investment and senior debt.  Azurian Capital works with over 50 leading mezzanine finance providers throughtout the UK.

Mezzanine Finance for Development

Our lender work with a multitude of assets and can offer rates:

  • Available for commercial, residential, mixed use, student and hotel,
  • Up to 70% GDV with 90% costs, sometimes higher depending on the project, and
  • Debt margins with a blended rates between 5% – 8% with approved senior debt.
Mezzanine Finance for Investment
  • Commercial office, retail, multi family, hotels, care homes, and wharehouses
  • Loan to value up to 90%, and
  • Debt margins between 6% and 12%.

Development finance offers property entrepreneurs a path to reaching their projects goals.  Our team is able to help raise you development finance for a number of projects.  Property developers can obtain financing up to 85% of the gross developed value of the project.

Development Finance
  • Projects can be funded on a case by case basis, with funding up to a maximum of 85% of GDV,
  • Loan to costs up to 85%, and
  • First time developers can be considred and guided to ensure a strong business plan and vialble project can be funded.
Our Role

We are not going to present your project to any lender and hope something happens.  We will work with you and understand your needs and what you are targeting.

  • Ensure your borrowing needs match lenders profile and project appetite,
  • Once approved in principle, our team will work with the underwriter to ensure all information is clearly presented and can be verified, and
  • Ensure funds are completed and drawndown to your account to commence your project.

Need to know how much you could borrow and what it would cost?  Try our Development Finance Calculator

Bridging finance, can allow property investors and deleopers the ability secure a property in a very short period of time, so they do not miss out on lucrative opportunities.  Bridging has become very popular in recent years.

Bridging Rates

Rates depend on the asset that is being purchased or refinanced.  Azurian Capital works with a range of lenders who can offer very competitive rates.

  • Bridging rates from as low as 0.39% per month,
  • Foreign national finance available
  • Lending up to 95% in some cases up to 100% with lending terms from 1 month to 36 months, and
  • Mixed use, commercial, residential and land with and without planning
Our Role

We work with our clients to understand their needs.  Bridging finance can only be considred if there is a clear exit as to how the loan will be paid back.

  • Our team will work to ensure your exit will be accepted be the lenders on our panel, and
  • Ensure full legal adherance and work with both underwriters and conveyancing solicitors.

Need to know how much you could borrow and what it would cost?  Try our Bridging Calculator

Auction finance provides investors and property developers the chance to buy a property from auction knowing that the finance needed for the purchase has been preaprooved.

Auction Finance
  • Rates from 0.42% per month,
  • Terms from 1 month to 36 months, and
  • Interest can either be serviced monthly or retained.
Our Role
  • We ensure the property is matched to the lender who has a keen interest in your project.
  • Once the hammer falls you will be reassured to know you can exchange contracts with the auction house.