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Azurian Capital is not a lender

Alternative Finance Brokerage

Azurian Capital is a leading Alternative Finance Broker.  We work with clients to provide bespoke commercial finance solutions.  Our areas of expertise cover property finance, commercial asset finance for plant, machinery, marine and aviation and private equity for startups all the way through to mature businesses and business owners searching for an exit.

As an alternative finance broker, we are made up of experts with a unique view of the world and diverse relationships that ensure out of the box thinking.  Our team of professionals is comprised of former investment bankers, chartered accountants, property developers and former hedge fund managers.  Our goal is to provide you with a bespoke professional service focused on your needs.


Bridging Finance

Short term finance for property transactions needing finance from 1 month to 36 months. Our bridging panel can provide short term financing on very good rates. Drawdowns can be from 36 hours in the most urgent of cases.

Development Finance

Financing for large scale residential and commercial projects. Development finance can be tailored to meet your cash flow and schedule of work’s needs. We can arrange healthy Loan to values for care homes, hotels, commercial and residential projects.

Auction Finance

Purchasing property at auction needs careful planning. Auction finance can be arranged before the auction date. Once contracts are exchanged at auction, finance can be released to the seller's solicitors in as little as 7 days but always within the completion time.

Asset Finance

Optimising your cash flow is a huge priority in any business. Making sure your working capital is being used optimally is a critical factor. We can help release cash tied up in your inventories and invoices, as well as providing solutions for major capital expenditure.


Cash is the lifeblood of a business, but, sometimes invoices can take time to be fulfilled. We can help with innovative invoice discounting and factoring solutions. IDF facilities for a range of businesses can be provided from recruitment to logistics.

Growth Capital

We can help raise growth capital. Should your business need additional capital resources to grow to the next stage in its journey, we can work with your team to generate a sustainable strategy fit for capital injection.

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Auction Finance

Just a quick message to say thank you for all your help in meeting the deadline to secure the property and funding for my nieces, we could have lost £30k, if you guys didn’t intervene.

Mr S Heir

Residential Bridge

A huge thank you to Azurian Capital for our latest completion. A well structured and thought out auction purchase. The applicant had already been serviced notice to complete and required £250,000 to complete on the purchase within just 6 days.

Carl Graham

A leading Alternative Finance Broker

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Property Finance

We are an alternative finance property brokerage and adviser.

As a leading alternative finance broker we have strong relationships with leading alternative finance lenders.  Through our distribution channels we can create the foundations of your project’s success.  We are able to provide financing for a multitude of property transactions including:

  • Bridging and Auction finance
  • Refurbishment finance
  • Development finance
  • Development exit finance
  • Buy to let
  • Landlord portfolio financing
  • Planning finance
  • Joint ventures
  • Hunters licences for professional developers
  • Mezzanine financing on large scale development projects

Turnkey solutions for your property needs

Our property team are experts in their respective fields. We can offer:

  • Residential and commercial across the UK.
  • Full document write up
  • Proposal to negotiation
  • CIL/S106 documentation review and submission
Architectural and Interior design services

Full drawings and review of needs with leading designer

Property finding service

Property searches for both residential and commercial sites working to your mandate.

Asset Finance

Helping business grow and produce sustainable returns.

Businesses require assets to function and to grow.  They also need to make sure their assets are working in the correct way to ensure maximum return to its stakeholders.

Asset financing solutions allow a business to fund their growth in fast and flexible ways.  It allows businesses access to a range of equipment, vehicles, plant and technology to help maintain growth without hindering cash flow.

Asset financing can be used with new assets and second-hand assets as well as releasing equity from existing assets.

Azurian Capital can work with your business to arrange financing:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Refinance and Capital Release
  • Finance Leases
  • Operating Leases

Commercial finance that suits you

Hire purchase

Acquire the asset while paying instalments over an agreed term, at the end of the term purchased the asset outright.  You can spread the costs over a longer period helping you improve your budgeting commitments and reduce the impact on your cash flow.  Hire Purchase (HP), tends to work well for assets with high residual values which can be sold on later.

Refinance and Capital Release

When cash is king, and you need a cash injection, refinancing offers a business an easy and flexible way to raise capital against an existing asset base.  This approach can work for any size of the business, allowing you to sell the asset and then finance it back.

Finance Lease

Businesses can rent equipment from a finance provider.  The option allows full flexibility and the repayment terms can be re-modelled on the income stream generated from the asset.  Once you no longer need the assert, it can be returned to the finance provider or new terms can be structured.

Operating Lease

A similar option to a finance lease but calculated on the usefulness of the asset’s productive lifespan.  The rental figure is normally lower and allows full use of the asset without worrying about how you will dispose of the product.

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