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Collectables & Alternative Finance

Azurian Capital is a leading broker providing alternative asset finance for collectables.  Our success at providing alternative asset financing resides in the global relationships we have curated.  These relationship help us to create bespoke alternative solutions for our clients, which in turn allows them to either capitalise from the investment growth of a collectable asset or to release equity from an asset.

Azurian Capital is well versed in providing financing for a variety collectable assets including, fine art, sculptures, classic car, rare coins and precious stones.  We work with leading professionals, auction houses and museams ascertain the value of the asset and how best to raise financing against it.

Our Service


We research the market to understand trends and risks in alternative assets. Many investors hold private collections of assets. These private collections are of great importance. Knowing who holds what is critical to being able to understand the growing alternatives market.


Private collectors who look to grow their collections prefer a discreet managed service. We offer an inconspicuous tailored service. We can work as a representative to source a collectable or indeed have it valued with a view to raising finance against it.


Many alternative assets tend to be highly illiquid investments. As such the valuation of these assets requires specialist knowledge of their true worth and the wider marketplace. We work with professionals from auction houses and museums to ascertain fair market value.


Making sure your investment is working well, we can arrange the finance to purchase a collectable asset, or to have your capital released by refinancing it. We will work with leading hedge funds, private investors and lenders to arrange an optimal financial solution.

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Auction Finance

Just a quick message to say thank you for all your help in meeting the deadline to secure the property and funding for my nieces, we could have lost £30k, if you guys didn’t intervene.

Mr S Heir

Residential Bridge

A huge thank you to Azurian Capital for our latest completion. A well structured and thought out auction purchase. The applicant had already been serviced notice to complete and required £250,000 to complete on the purchase within just 6 days.

Carl Graham

A Leading Alternative Asset Finance Broker

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Collectable Assets

Working with sophisticated investors

We work with leading investors and family offices as well as individuals looking to invest their wealth into alternative assets.  Our approach is beyond the financial return, we look to see the asthetic as a way to understand long term growth appeal.  Alternative asset financing is not as simple as raising a loan.  Special consideration has to be given to the type of asset it is.  Will it need to be kept in cold storage for security reasons?  Can it be displayed?  How should the asset be cared for and maintained?  And what is it insurable value?

Diversified Portfolio
Collectable assets are becoming increasingly important for a well-diversified asset portfolio.  Collectables include any asset which has an appreciated net worth which is of interest to a collector or an investor.

Alternative Assets 10 Years Returns

1. Fine Art
2. Digital Assets
3. Classic Cars
4. Fine Wine

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Azurian Capital is keen to work with introducers and other intermediaries. We value these relationships and we are always interested in furthering our network.

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