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Azurian Capital is not a lender

About Us

Who is Azurian Capital?
Azurian Capital is an alternative finance advisor and broker. We work within a range of asset classes, from property to digital assets and from collectables (fine art and cars) to precious metals and foreign exchange.  As an alternative finance brokerage we offer bespoke and dignified service to all of our clients.
What types of finance do we arrange?
As an advisor and broker, we are able to assist the arrangement of debt financing and equity investment. Our extensive network of major lenders and investors allows us to help curate bespoke solutions to solve your needs.

Debt solutions include:
• Bridging finance,
• Development finance,
• Senior stretch finance and mezzanine financing, and
• Asset financing.

Equity solutions include:
• Seed and angel investment,
• Growth capital, and
• Exit capital.
What are our key criteria?
When looking to work with any future client, we want to make sure that we can deliver on our service. We look to undertake full due diligence on the business or individual seeking to raise alternative finance. We will want to meet with you at your place of work or area of interest and understand what your expectations are and the best route to successful completion.
What are alternative assets?
An alternative asset is one which falls outside the excepted definition of a publicly listed company stock, corporate bond, government bond or a financial instrument. It can also be considered to be a real physical asset. Azurian Capital works within the alternative asset market place as both an advisor and a broker and aims to provide brokerage and advisory services for those assets.
Alternative asset finance can be used for the following:
• Aircraft,
• Yachts,
• Art,
• Property,
• Digital Assets,
• Collectables (including, fine wine, art, jewellery and classic cars)
• Invoice discounting/inventory financing,
• Working capital, and
• Private equity raising

Our Services

Foreign Exchange & Corporate Treasury Services
Commercial activities require access to foreign exchange.  Azurian Capital offers forex at global wholesale rates through its XAZUR Foreign Exchange platform.  We are able to provide wholesale pricing and currency delivery to suppliers nominated accounts.  Our XAZUR FX service is able to offer over 100 currency pairs which can be delivered globally with no additional charges.
Commercial Finance Brokerage
Our commercial finance team will work with your business functions to understand your financing needs.  Our team consists of chartered accountants and bankers who will map out your specific needs.  Our team can introduce you to various debt solutions including financing for:
• Development finance,
• Bridging and auction finance,
• Private mezzanine finance,
• Working capital,
• Growth capital solutions, and,
• Asset financing for marine and aviation projects.
Collectables & Digital Assets
Our relationships with leading auction houses, experts and family offices allow us to source unique and interesting propositions for our clients. Our collectables team are able to facilitate:
• Fine & contempary art,
• Classic cars,
• Fine wines, and
• Digital assets.
Commodity Brokerage
Our experts are able to represent our client’s needs when sourcing various commodities for industry and investment. Our expertise extends to executing over the counter transactions for physical delivery. The commodities we are able to source include:
• Precious metals 
• Steel
• Timber
• Energy including oil, gas and electricity

Case Studies

Alternative Finance Advisory and Brokerage

We are a leading multi-disciplinary alternative finance brokerage.  Founded in 2011 we have arranged alternative financing for many businesses.  We aim to provide unparalleled client-centric services.  Our clients include family offices, financial intermediaries, corporate organisations and high net worth individuals.

Be Part of our Network

Azurian Capital is keen to work with introducers and other intermediaries. We value these relationships and we are always interested in furthering our network.

If you have a project and need advice as to how best to serve your clients needs we would be delighted to hear from you. We are interested in a diverse universe of asset classes including, real estate, marine, aviation, collectables, digital assets, cash flow and debtors receivables.

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